Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tommy & Saska // Love is Patient // SDE

Wow, whatta great wedding this was! First off i have known Tommy for over 7 years now, we have been good friends and he is my wifes cousin. When he fell in love with this girl Saska back home (Canada) he couldn’t stop talking to her. Bills were flying each month. 1 Day wouldn’t pass that he didn’t talk to her. His brother, sister, family everyone was complaining how Tommy is always on the phone or Skype (THANK GOD FOR SKYPE).

They met about 2 years ago when Saska came to visit her sister that also got married to Tommy's cousin. When Tommy saw Saska he fell in love with her right away. Last year he flew over to propose on which she said yes and up until this July they have been planning their wedding over the phone and haven’t seen each other for 1 year! Whoa! too long! Love is PATIENT :) I asked Tommy if I can come before he flew over to get some footage from him and to capture his feelings about her. He was so excited that the day has finally come he couldn’t stop talking about it.

He flew  me over last minute and he didn’t make a mistake, that’s for sure. I was there a total of 10 days which was amazing to see my family again, but nevertheless I did miss my wifey and my son over here in Kitchener.
If some of you don’t know this is my home town (Novi Sad, Serbia). It was so great to be there again and see my home town from a different perspective., I knew where I want to go and what I want to record to give you an idea of how beautiful Novi Sad and Serbia really is. Not that its my home town but really it’s  1 of the most beautiful places to be at.:) (wink)

I have to say big thanks to my brother Sasha and my really good friend Vladimir for helping me out on this shoot. Its always great to have a hand to help. HVALA MOMCI-NAJBOLJI STE! :)Enjoy their Same Day Edit played at the reception. I added subtitles in post so you can hear what happened.:)


Photographer : 1001photography (Its always a pleasure working with my best friends :) Love you guys)
Venue: Restaurant Kesten

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