Thursday, November 25, 2010

Anda & Danny (wedding film) Autumn is here

Day started out with Danny, his cousins and friends having fun, eating and getting ready at the apartment. I think it was only Danny that was a bit nervous expecting to see his bride. Anda was also nervous but she didn't show it much. She was happy that she had her beautiful dress and yellow shoes to show off to her husband to be. Anda & Danny had been civilly married in Romania since the begging of this year and Danny came from Romania recently . I didn't see such a happy couple in a long time. They were just smiling and snuggling like two little love birds that couldn't get enough of each other. This day turned out to be a gorgeous autumn day and we had a blast at the Via Rail station climbing the fire routes at the near by building. We had a blast working with two very cool photographers that came all the way from Windsor. (Arica & Joshua Klassen Manifesto Photography) Reception was again at out favorite venue Victoria Park Pavilion and all you could see is beautiful fall colored decorations everywhere. Danny & Anda are very young and have a very bright future together. We wish them the best of luck!

Shot entirely with one camera & one cinematographer.

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